About Salient Service

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, there is a one page contract that reads that you agree to pay the agreed upon fees and that you have the ability to cancel at anytime.

Does SUS have the ability to view all of my recipes?

Unfortunately, there is no way to block the administrator from the site so SUS would be able to access the recipes. However, the program software can be purchased and the client could have their own internal site along with all the training needed to upkeep it if so desired.

Where do you get you Nutritional Values from?

Numerous regulated sites, but mostly straight from the suppliers site for those that offer it.

What do the monthly licensing and maintenance fee cover?

Maintenance is necessary to keep the server(s) up and running, to manage security patches and updates, and backups created and managed. There are also licensing fees that are ongoing.

Who owns the data base and its functionality if we were to cancel our agreement with SUS?

You, the client would still have/own all of your recipes, with all the information. They would be exported into a manageable EXCEL format. As far as the data base and its’ functionality, that would remain SUS’ property.